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Tori Hathaway

Courageous, committed and smart; qualities that now, 21-year-old Tori Hathaway brings to her daily work as an artist, creator and entrepreneur. One of Canada’s youngest FACTOR JSR recipients (age 15) Tori has now graduated secondary school and is pursuing a dual degree in medical science and business at Western University in London, ON while continuing to work professionally in the music industry. She’s already completed a Specialist Music Business certificate at the Berklee College of Music Online, and stays connected as a Mentor for current students in their online degree and certificate programs.


A seasoned-veteran, Tori has been the driving force behind her artist business since 2012 and has been an internationally-touring member of the AFM Local 149 since age 15. She is the youngest recipient of the Governor General Michaëlle Jean Young Arts Entrepreneur award, and the founder of OMCI - the Ontario Musicians Co-operative Inc, a not-for-profit that assists other creatives build sustainable careers.  Having been the OMCI Artistic Director since 2018, she has created jobs for 65 new generation artists this season, and functions as Music Director for the annual Emerging Artist Showcase Tour.


Although a natural performer at ease on stage, Tori’s true love is crafting a song that reaches out and holds a place for the listener to experience and emotional connection. “All that I want is someone to be able to hear or relate to one of my songs, and have it help them through a moment in their life, whether it be celebrating a win, or processing a loss.”, says Tori, “It’s all about the songs, and the people who connect with them”. 

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